As I perused the new wine selection at the Swarthmore Co-op, my interest was piqued by a sleekly labeled bottle of unoaked Chardonnay from Morgan Winery. Sadly for me, Chardonnay drinking has always been a solo-affair. My wife, a red wine enthusiast, and my mother, a Pinot Grigio allegiant, will at times gleefully badger me with a mantra they once discovered at a Napa Valley gift shop, “Friends don’t let friends drink chardonnay!” 

Undeterred by their mockery, I unapologetically savored the smooth crispness of this light bodied, cold fermented wine. It tasted noticeably less oaky, more fruit forward, but still unmistakably chardonnay! I excitedly offered my wife a glass in hopes the sheer absence of oak would result in a conversion to team-Chardonnay. Alas, she is unbudging, but if you are looking for a crisp, seafood friendly wine to share with your friends, or in my case enjoy all to yourself, a bottle of Metallico will surely not disappoint. 

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