At the Swarthmore Co-Op, both owners and non-owners can shop here, and everyone is welcome to join. Becoming an owner of the Co-Op means, among other things, that you are making an investment in the Co-Op.  

Your $300 equity payment is a one-time investment that contributes to the financial health of the Co-Op. Your investment can be used as capital, assisting with store operations and improvements. New owners may pay the full amount of equity in-store, or choose to pay through one of the following payment plans: 

  • $15/ month through 20 PayPal payments 
  • $50/ quarter through 6 PayPal payments 
  • $75/ semi-annual through 4 PayPal payments 

Once you make your first equity payment, you will be able to receive Swarthmore Co-Op owner benefits. Your ownership includes everyone in your household, however, the owner shares and voting rights will be under the name of whomever fills out the new owner form below.  

Should you decide to move or decide to leave the Co-Op, your ownership is 100% refundable once fully vested. 

What You Give

Support the Local Economy

  • Local Farmers – Subsidizing farmers and their operations
  • Employment – Providing jobs for over 40 people
  • Contribution – Playing an important role in your local food system
  • Stimulus – Supporting local products and businesses

Support the Local Community

  • Sustainability – Support and participate in our composting and recycling programs
  • Awareness – Environmental consciousness of pesticide-free agriculture
  • Encouragement – Giving local farmers your vote of support
  • Opportunity – A welcoming marketplace to forge new acquaintances and associations
  • Education – Informing others about conscious choices in producing, buying, preparing, and disposing food

What You Get

Discounts and Rewards

  • Owner Appreciation Day – Quarterly savings and a chance to meet and sample from many of our local vendors.
  • Owner Specials – Monthly department item discounts
  • Special Bulk Pricing – Members receive 10% OFF self-serve bulk items, as well as full-case purchases.
  • Frequent Buyer Program – Member discounts and rewards on select products
  • Events and Classes – Discounted rates on all CO-OP special events, classes, and trips

Personalized Services

  • Home Delivery – $7 delivery charge every Tuesday and Thursday
  • House Account – An option in which you can preload funds to an account that allows you or anyone in your household to make purchases without having to bring your money or credit card. Great for a quick stop while out walking the dog or when the kids just want a drink while out playing. It’s a simple process that can be done in seconds. Just ask your cashier the next time you are shopping to open an account with no fees associated.


  • Board Participation – Owners have voting privileges in board elections; participation in CO-OP’s governance; eligibility to serve on the board
  • Shareholder – Owners hold 60 shares in the CO-OP

Benefits of Ownership Include

  • includes everyone in your household
  • fully transferable
  • 100% refundable (once fully vested)

Become An Owner

Becoming an owner is easy. Just send us the information below. You will then be redirected to another page that will allow you to select how you want to pay.

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.