I excitedly scanned the shelves of the Swarthmore CO-OP’s new beer section like a kid in a candy store. In keeping with the CO-OP’s mission, I decided I would “stay local” in my inaugural beer selection. And I had a thirst this evening for the bitter citrusy-ness only an IPA can satisfy. Simple enough, right? Well, the beer aisle had quite the locally brewed IPA selection: East Coast IPA’s, West Coast IPA’s, New England IPA’s, Imperial IPA’s, and the list goes on. But given the  end of election season, I landed on what seemed like the most patriotic choice: an American IPA, the Ripsnorter Imperial from Brewery Techne, the craft beer arm of Fairmount Park’s beloved Bar Hygge. With a golden amber color, the 9.2% abv packed a punch but was not too noticeable on the pallet. An even malt to hops ratio made for a well-balanced taste and conjured up the beauty of two competing parties working together toward harmony. That is, in my view, the ideal of any beer bold enough to identify as “American” on its label. Cheers!


  • Brewery Techne  
  • Ripsnorter (CAN)
  • Fairmont, Philadelphia
  • 9.2%

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