CO-OP Member/Owners & Shoppers:

As most of you know by now, there is an effort underway in town to gather signatures in February and March to place a referendum on the May 16th ballot allowing the sale of liquor in Swarthmore.

The Board of Directors of the Swarthmore CO-OP understands that this is not a simple issue and has discussed this subject at length. At our January meeting, we voted to support the passage of the referendum.

We understand that there will be opposing opinions among our member/owners and shoppers. Our goal is to weigh these competing interests against what is best for the long-term interest of the CO-OP. We are intent on ensuring that the CO-OP will flourish now and far into the future. While we remain committed to providing locally sourced, healthy, sustainable food, we firmly believe that being able to sell beer and wine will contribute considerably to the CO-OP’s ability to compete effectively with the many nearby grocery and big box stores as well as specialty food establishments, all of which sell or will be selling beer and wine. The CO-OP’s future success depends on our ability to adapt to this changing retail landscape.

Our new General Manager agrees that selling beer and wine would be a significant boost to the CO-OP’s competitive position and will help solidify the CO-OP’s position as a thriving business and as the anchor of the Swarthmore business district. Simply put, the Swarthmore business district needs the CO-OP AND the CO-OP needs a thriving business district. The greater the selection of retail establishments in town, the more the CO-OP will benefit. Retail synergy will be enhanced if a “wet” town means a more vibrant town center.

The CO-OP will have a competitive advantage if it can sell beer & wine. The Board asks that you support the CO-OP by voting to approve the referendum.

Thank you for your continuing support of the Swarthmore CO-OP. We believe exciting times are ahead for the store!

Very sincerely,

Swarthmore CO-OP Board of Directors
[email protected]


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