Weckerly's Ice Cream

Weckerly’s Ice Cream was launched by pastry chef Jen Satinsky and her husband Andy. Her goal was to create a micro-creamery focused on transcending the conventional process of making ice cream with the ability to focus on each individual ingredient.

Three years later, the micro-creamery pasteurizes dairy, churns ice cream, and handcrafts each edible component. With keen attention to balance and subtle flavors, Jen and her team prepare an ever-changing menu of seasonal ice cream and ice cream sandwiches.

The extra time taken to build relationships with local dairies and farms is key to the Weckerly’s approach. Above all else the human element is at the core of every transaction. Organic cream and milk from Chester County tastes great because there is a small team of farmers and dairy managers that put an unbelievable amount of time into cultivating great grass and raising healthy cows. This same dedication is seen in the source of each ingredient from eggs with deep golden yolks to a mint leaf from one Philadelphia’s amazing urban farms. Jen and Andy feel a great deal of responsibility to these folks, and strive to feature their ingredients in the best possible way. This translates directly to providing every ice cream eater a high quality, exciting, and comforting experience.

Weckerly’s will be at the CO-OP on Saturday, March 12th and March 26th from 11:00 am – 2:00 pm. Stop by and sample some delicious local ice cream.

Also, enjoy Weckerly’s all month at a sweet low price at the CO-OP!

Weckerly's Ice Cream Sale

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