Swarthmore Centennial Foundation invites you to be a part of the NEW Swarthmore Central Park Project.

Engraved pavers are currently being sold to support the renovation of the Borough parking lot. The pavers are for the plaza area directly across Dartmouth, and will have low walls for seating. A walkway will be created directly from the Co-op to the renovated parking lot, and will tie the parking directly to the Co-op.

The Swarthmore Centennial Foundation is underwriting the entire cost of the project, which is approximately $600,000. The genesis for the project started small (fix the muddy root area across from the Co-op) but then grew to encompass the whole area to transform the center of our town, which is currently an unattractive parking lot. The parking will remain but the lot will be reconfigured so that it is a much more attractive and inviting space. The renovation will include a shaded amphitheater, paved plaza, wide sidewalks, improved lighting, new plantings, and more. You can see the transformation on-line at www.swarthmorefoundation.com.

Until January 31, the Centennial Foundation is taking orders in two sizes, which can be custom engraved with a name or message of commemoration. Pavers are on display at D. Patrick Welsh if you want to see what they will look like.

To place your order visit www.swarthmorefoundation.com or download, complete, and return a form .


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