Greetings Friends and Patrons! The Produce Team would like to share some great changes and improvements coming to our aisles. Some have already been made, and others will be ready to roll on September 10th.  Here is a look at a few of the key changes that we hope will enhance your shopping experience at the Co-op:

We have intensified our commitment to organic and local produce. Through additional  work with our farmers and distributors, we’ll have the ability to be even more consistent in stocking the organic products you know and love! The old reliables such as kale, lettuce, chards, and celery (to name a few) will always be organic. Through our distributors, our local range has expanded even wider, allowing for more products deeper into the year.

We will only carry Fair Trade Organic bananas. Over the past couple months, we’ve been doing just this, and wanted to fully announce our position going forward.  At every opportunity, the department is committed to buying Fair Trade products, but consistent availability can be a challenge.  Bananas are one of the few Fair Trade products that tend to be available most of the time.

We are committed to making our department more streamlined and easier to navigate. As a small-sized department, not only is it tough to get the best deals at times, but it is difficult to merchandise the awesomely fresh product we have with our  limited retail space. To make it easier for our shoppers, we will have some newly introduced sections, such as “Tropical,” to help you navigate.

Now that we have your attention, Save the Date !! On September 10th, the Produce Team will present a fall kick-off. Not only will we unveil our new layout, but we’ll have plenty of samples to go around from our local vendors. So please, stop by, and take a look! We appreciate it.

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