The Co-op is once again seeking support for the Sunday Supper Program – a program that has a long history in Swarthmore, and hopefully will continue long into the future. 

Sunday Suppers is an effort to reduce food insecurity among the elderly and handicapped who may not have the mobility or other resources to make nutritious meals for themselves. The program delivers a well-balanced, fully prepared meal (plus a few additional groceries) meal once a month on a Sunday to the program participants.

Sunday Suppers are financed through the generosity of Co-op shoppers who are asked to “round-up” their purchases to the nearest dollar whenever they shop at the store.  As the number of shoppers at the Co-op was significantly reduced during the months of the pandemic, and thus the number of check-out transactions were reduced, the funding for Sunday Suppers has dwindled to insupportable levels.

The Co-op will find funds to make the program happen through this month (July), but we are asking our shoppers and owners to revitalize the funding for Sunday Suppers by remembering to round-up their final purchase amount to the nearest dollar as they check-out.  Our cashiers will be asking for your help.

If we cannot secure enough funding to continue the program in its present form, we may be able to give whatever funds are collected from our shoppers to a local organization that may be in need. 

For now we are asking your help in revitalize the funding for this long-running Swarthmore program to bring a little help to those who need it. 


Mike Litka

General Manager,

Swarthmore  Co-op

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