Community Update # 23—Getting back to “normal”

As we start to see the light at the end of this very long dark tunnel, we are hopeful that based on the latest PA Dept. of Health guidance, issued 5/4/21, we will lift most of the restrictions and limitations we put in place back in March 2020 to help protect everyone from Covid-19.

Our plan, as it sits today, based on the continuing trends surrounding vaccinations and the decline of cases, is described below.

Effective immediately…

  • Reusable bags are permitted and encouraged to be brought into the store.
  • We will continue to make every effort to open the store as soon as we finish with personal shopping on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Over the past few weeks we’ve been able to open around 9ish- 9:30ish.

Saturday May 29th

  • Will be the last Saturday option for personal shopping.
    • The Tuesday and Thursday online shopping options for delivery and pick up will remain.

Sunday May 30th

  • We will begin to open our doors at 9 am EVERY DAY

Monday May 31st

  • We will lift all covid restrictions based on PA Dept. of Health guidance
    • The requirement of wearing a mask while in the store will remain until further notice.

Tuesday June 1st

  • We will reinstitute home delivery fees.
  • Self-servicing dispensers such as coffee and Kombucha will remain inactive until further notice.
    • We are doing a store category review analysis of these items.

We want to thank once again everyone who has supported us in allowing us to be able to provide the essentials during these most trying of times. We are coming out of this hopefully even stronger as a community than we were even before the pandemic.

Yours in sincere Cooperation,

Mike and your Co-op Staff

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