COVID-19 Community Update #18

We have had a confirmed case of Covid-19 among the staff today, July 24th. This staff member is part of our front end operations and last worked Sunday July 19th.  This individual presented themselves for testing on Wednesday, July 22nd and test results came back positive this morning.

We have identified all staff members who have had direct, extended contact.  Out of precaution and care for everyone we are having them self-quarantine for the recommended timeline per the CDC directives and seek testing. We are also in the process of contact tracing with the rest of the staff to see if there has been any ancillary contact with the individual. All staff will be fully compensated during this time away from their shifts.

With this sudden loss of 7 staff members and several other staff members out for vacation and for non Covid related personal issues, this has created a dramatic staff shortage which is going to temporarily affect our operations and hours.  We do have actionable plans to fill the voids. However, this will impact service levels through out the store for the next several weeks.

Please be understanding and patient, as we are shifting staff from within the store to fill the gaps and perform tasks not normally assigned.

We remain confident in our best practices in protecting staff and customers with our cleaning and sanitizing despite the confirmed case. Since the affected employee’s last shift was last Sunday, we are confident that affected areas have been cleaned and sanitized multiple times. For that reason, we will stay open.

The following store changes are effective immediately and will remain in place until further notice. We anticipate these changes will last a minimum of 14 days. We will be monitoring the situation daily and adjust accordingly.

  • Personal shopping / home delivery and curbside pickup have been temporarily suspended. We will resume once we have enough staff back to cover all the responsibilities.
  • Store hours will be Sunday through Saturday 12pm to 7pm except Wednesday when we will be closed. Seniors and immunocompromised customers will have Thursday from 11-12 to themselves.

We understand that this is not optimal for the level of service we want to extend to our customers. These decisions will support the staff’s physical and mental health as we work through this together.

However much we wish, there is no perfect bubble which we can create and live under to protect us from this invisible enemy. We must maintain vigilance in our everyday lives to protect each other.

Thank you again for your continuing support and loyalty to your Co-op.

In Cooperation,
Mike and your Co-op Staff

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