For those who eat wheat, and those who don’t. Try them!

Local gluten free delicacies await, hand made at Swheat Escape Bakery, a women owned and operated bakery. Everything Swheat Escape makes is built upon a custom blend of gluten-free flour, free of any overly processed ingredients, and optimized over the years to be the perfect core for baked goods. 

The great mind behind Swheat Escape, Maddy Barry, is truly passionate about her baking and shared her inspiration for the joy of baking with us: “I founded Swheat Escape with the overall goal to make the gluten-free lifestyle not only easier but more enjoyable for others. Having had celiac disease for more than 12 years, I know firsthand how challenging and frustrating it can be to find tasty, quality, gluten-free products. After years of experimenting, I consider myself an expert in gluten-free baking. Many of my loyal customers have expressed that I’ve achieved textures and flavors that they have never had the pleasure of tasting before. I am happy to share my joy of baking with so many others- whether or not they have a gluten restriction. Try out my unique treats and I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how far gluten-free baking has come!” 

Look for Swheat Escapes specialty brownies in our dessert section and look out for some special Valentine’s Day surprises coming soon. 

Swheat Escape has plenty of baking inspiration with nifty ways to stay gluten free on their website at

You can find more delicacies and discussion on Swheat Escapes Instagram and Facebook.

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