We need YOUR Support for a few more weeks.

Yes— many of us are ready to be done with face-masks, however…

Your Co-op Team has just begun to have access to the vaccine within the last few weeks, and we are urgently pursuing the opportunity to become fully vaccinated. We are hoping to complete our vaccinations within the next 3 to 4 weeks. The full vaccination process can take 6 weeks following the initial dose.

Please remember that we have moved through this pandemic as a community, with everyone’s safety in mind – shoppers, owners and Co-op staff. It has been a difficult road at times, but our Co-op team has not let the community down, and now we need to ensure their safety before moving to a mask-free shopping experience. We ask that shoppers continue to wear masks for the safety and protection of everyone for a few more weeks.

As a reminder, the Co-op is legally permitted by local/state and federal law to require masks in this setting as a private enterprise. Please work with us to ensure the safety of our staff who have yet to be fully vaccinated.


Mike and your Co-op Team

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