As hard as it is to believe we are now approaching the 9th month of this pandemic and the busiest time of the year in the food business—Thanksgiving.

As your store, we are working diligently to figure out the best options to allow everyone to celebrate in some fashion yet keep everyone safe while trying to purchase the fixings for a different kind of Thanksgiving this year.

On the food side of things…

  • We will have plenty of options plus WINE and BEER! Starting next Sunday, the 8th.
  • The Thanksgiving online ordering system will go live  tomorrow, Sunday, Nov 1st. It will be up thru Thursday, Nov. 19th at 5pm. Click here for the webpage
    • The menu has been modified and smaller portion options are available to purchase given the facts of Covid and social gathering limits.
  • Sorry, we cannot offer beer and wine as part of the online holiday menu or as a curbside/delivery option. Beer and wine sales are required to be in person because of the ID requirements which we must adhere to according to the laws in PA. We will have our entire selection posted online so that folks may see our offerings, which will be close to 300 varieties of wine and over 250 different beers.

On the safety side of things… We need our volunteers to help keep everyone safe again.

  • We are still working thru several different scenarios that will keep crowd limits to acceptable levels during the busiest days. This may include expanding our store hours and possibly putting caps on the total numbers of preorders we can accommodate on the scheduled pick up days. Many of the different options we are considering may not play out or we may need to institute some on very little notice based on how we must respond to the constantly changing environment surrounding this pandemic. Please know in advance that any inconveniences that may arise are not intended and that our intentions are only for the best in trying to keep everyone safe and healthy during these times. We will keep you posted as to the status of changes in our operations.
  • We are going to maintain our store capacity limits and our other safety protocols, which we have installed since the beginning of the pandemic, during the Holidays. They have proven to keep us safe. Please be prepared to wait socially distanced outside based on the expected larger amounts of shoppers we will incur. We understand that this may cause frustrations at times, however these lines should be expected anywhere else you may try to buy your trimmings. We are hoping to have volunteers help us with door control on the days leading up to the holidays. If interested in assisting, please click this link
  • At this time, we are requesting volunteers to help with personal shopping for the 3 days leading up to Thanksgiving. We are not sure what the next few weeks will bring us in regards to Covid-19 and the need for the help with shopping, however it is better to be prepared and have folks on standby. If interested in helping with personal shopping please click here to sign up.
  • We are also seeking individuals to work on the holiday trailer to distribute the turkeys and meals to anyone that did a preorder with us. Click here to help with this task
  • Finally, we are always in need of folks to be part of the Co-op Cleaning Crew to keep the high touch points sanitized.  Click here to join the crew

Curbside Pickup…

  • Our initial thoughts are that we will have only one curbside pickup option the week of Thanksgiving  and that will be Monday the 23rd.  There will be no curbside or delivery orders the remainder of that week. Curbside/ Home Delivery will resume as normal the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, Dec. 1st.
    • If we can get enough Volunteers to assist with personal shopping, we will expand the days of curbside pickup—this is an example of how things are still very fluid and depending on other factors. More details will come as we get closer to that week.
  • We are also working on a way for payment at the holiday pickup trailer if only ordering directly from the online menu, to help ease the congestion in the store.

We thank you in advance for your patience, understanding and endurance as we all continue to work together to fight this pandemic and are wishing you, family and friends a SAFE AND HAPPY HOLIDAY SEASON !

Mike and your Co-op Staff

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