Did you know that the Swarthmore CO-OP is only a few miles from a unique gem in Chester, PA? The Ruth Bennett Community Farm now provides the CO-OP with a variety of fresh greens that are as local as local can be.

This special farm is a community collaboration between local neighbors of the Ruth Bennett Homes, Urban Tree Connection in Philadelphia, and Swarthmore College students. In an effort to combine education, sustainability and community, this farm welcomes people of all ages to help on a daily basis. Children ranging from 4 – 10 years old enjoy volunteering and forming relationships with fellow neighbors. Some of the duties include learning how to harvest, wash, and pack the crops. Even the kids who drop by just to dig for worms, scatter seeds, water the grounds, and pull weeds are high-fived.

In challenging neighborhoods such as Chester, farming production is almost an oddity. Having a place where young children can go and just know there is water or a snack to munch can be a real treasure.

As of February 2017, the farm has grown to include a 2,500 square foot green house with more than 60 beds of fertile soil. In addition to growing the original location, the farm has also taken over several abandoned sites, and completely transformed them into beautiful, productive gardens.

The Swarthmore CO-OP, less than 5 miles from this wonderful community farm, is proud and honored to support them. By carrying a variety of products grown locally on their premises, we support a meaningful cause and continue our mission to build stronger connections with local communities and local food systems.

Please stop by the store and look for the Ruth Bennett Farm signs next to our produce. By purchasing these items, you are helping a wonderful cause and providing opportunities for local outreach. Rose, our Produce Manager, would be happy to answer any questions you have.

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