Kerrygold is an all-natural cheese, produced with milk from grass-fed cows that graze on the green lush pastures of Ireland.

The CO-OP offers three varieties of Kerrygold cheese: Aged Cheddar, Dubliner, and Skellig.

  • Aged Cheddar is a pasteurized, grass-fed cow’s milk cheese that is aged for one-year and undergoes a stringent grading process as it matures. Only the best-tasting cheese makes it through, resulting in a cheddar that is rich and full-bodied with a smooth finish. Slice it up with warm apple pie or make it the hero of a wine and cheese pairing.
  • Dubliner is a robust aged cow’s milk cheese with a bit of a hard texture similar to a cheddar. In one bite you can taste the diversity of flavors – from nutty to sharp to sweet – that can only come from a natural cheese made from the milk of grass-fed cows. What might seem ambiguous is actually a well-balanced mix of cheese cultures and naturally occurring amino acids. This diversity pays off in its ability to be served alongside a full-bodied wine like Cabernet, a freshly pulled pint of Guinness, or simply melted between a few slices of crusty brown bread.
  • Skellig is for the real cheese lover; it delivers exceptional flavor – rich and tangy with a hint of sweetness. This cheese is crumbly, savory and has a lovely, butterscotch-like sweetness. Skellig is ideal for cooking, making cheese sauces or taking center stage on a glorious cheeseboard.

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