photo of peaches

PEACH SEASON is HERE! This year, and upholding our tradition of offering exclusive products,  Swarthmore Coop is proudly partnering with Circle M Farms in Salem, NJ to provide YOU with their fresh picked, ambrosial Jersey Peaches!

While living in Pennsylvania, you can get state grown peaches anywhere you like, but it takes a willing trip over the bridge to ensure you get your hands on Jersey’s finest. As we did with the sweet white corn years ago, the Coop will continue to seek and provide one-of-a-kind flavor experiences for our patrons.

So please, take moment to stop in and experience this spectacular and other unique products such as Circle M’s Peach cider (great straight or as a mixer), plum cider, jams, and other assorted treats to help create those summer memories for years to come.

Circle M Farms has been in existence since 1942 with more than 150 acres dedicated to peaches, nectarines, and plums. They specialize in picking ready to eat peaches, with extensive emphasis placed on their white peaches. Historically speaking, the white peach used to be the most common peach the last 100 years, with yellow moving in more recently. The farm works in conjunction with Rutgers University Extension Program to help regulate and monitor their Integrated Pest Management growing methods.

Why New Jersey peaches may be the best you’ll ever eat.

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