We are delighted to announce that Ed Farace, Produce Manager at the Co-op since 2010, has been appointed as Interim GM with the intent to appoint him formally as GM in the relatively near future. This follows the recent resignation of Cheston Lawrence, who had served in the GM role since December of 2014. We appreciate Cheston’s service to the Co-op and wish him the best.

Many of you undoubtedly know Ed from his excellent work over the last five years, during which time Ed helped the Co-op’s Produce Department become one of the most respected in the Greater Philadelphia area. Before working at the Co-op, Ed owned a flower shop in Ardmore, was Produce and Fresh Foods Procurement Manager at Linvilla Orchards, and was Supervisor of the Produce & Grocery Departments at two Whole Foods stores in the area.

The Co-op Board is excited to work with Ed in his new role, for which he is very well suited. Ed is also looking forward to this opportunity to collaborate with the store’s great staff to help ensure the Co-op’s success in the short- and long-term and to support the people and businesses of Swarthmore and the surrounding communities.

If you haven’t had the chance to interact with Ed before, I think you will find him to be personable, extremely knowledgeable, and an excellent listener.

Please join me in congratulating Ed on his new appointment!

Martyn Harding
President of the Board of Directors
The Swarthmore Co-op

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