A non-profit farmer’s Coop and CSA with over 100 member farms, LFFC strives to bring the best quality goods and produce to market in alignment with their values concerning environmental stewardship, supporting farmer livelihoods, advancing fair and local economies, and nourishing communities. As growers, they take responsibility for how agriculture affects the environment by building healthy soils rich in organic matter, protecting waterways from runoffs and other pollutants, and sustaining the diverse ecosystems of southeastern Pennsylvania by cover cropping and growing as many varieties as possible. They seek to promote climate-friendly policies and approaches to packaging, waste, and energy-use whenever possible. With over 95% of their products grown to comply with USDA Certified Organic standards, LFFC works to preserve farmland for future generations while ensuring chemical-free food that is both healthy and nutritious. Beyond growing produce, LFFC farmers raise only small herds and flocks with extensive access to pasture and forage grounds which ensures a healthier product and more sustainable livestock production.

As part of their cooperative structure, farmers make their own decisions and work closely with LFFC staff to ensure collective success. Many of the farmers are 4th or 5th generation family-owned operations and have been providing excellent produce through the most difficult of times. After years of running into each other at the same places, competing for the same sales, the Coop was founded in 2006 when 7 founding farms began to make collective decisions. Their status as a non-profit Coop means that any profit above operating costs is shared among the member farms. The Board of Directors, elected among member-farms, decides on how best to use these funds to help each other and the Coop. Farmers are able to receive the best possible price for their produce through collective bargaining power which supports the livelihoods of our local farmers and maintains farming as a viable profession for generations to come. Through their work with responsible non-profit partners, LFFC makes nutritious, organic food more widely accessible by serving those in-need. As farms are only one part of the supply chain, LFFC collaborates with your favorite restaurants, regional retailers, and other neighbors in food to uplift independent small businesses by distributing their products to a wider audience.

Our produce department began working with Lancaster Coop in earnest only 6 months ago – in that time our partnership has brought a wider variety of certified organic products to our community while supporting local farmers with more dollars in their pocket. Despite the higher costs of sourcing local premium produce, the visible quality of product stands out and assures our customers that they are buying some of the healthiest and most nutritious produce on the market. Luscious greens, gorgeous heirloom tomatoes, vibrant arrays of peppers, melons, and more of your favorite items this summer have come from Lancaster Coop – watch out for all of your Fall favorites as the local farm season winds down!

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