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“obsessively committed to producing the finest and freshest cup of java you have ever tasted”

Newtown Square, PA – Step inside Burlap and Bean’s coffeehouse and become enveloped in the invigorating aroma of roasting beans. Owners Brent and Tara Endicott insist on creating an atmosphere that makes customers feel relaxed and right at home. This family owned and operated business is truly a community gem. Its walls are home to the work of local artists, and live local musicians take the stage on Friday and Saturday nights.

In addition to supporting the locals, B&B does its part to help the farmers who produce their beans. All of their coffee is Fair Trade certified, which means that the coffee farmers are paid a fair wage, the high quality of the product is maintained, and the environment is cared for.

Enjoy $1 OFF all Burlap & Bean coffee throughout September.

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