We at the CO-OP are committed to offering locally sourced food. The benefits are clear, including:

You get better food. When you purchase locally sourced food, it is much fresher. Fresher produce has better flavor because it can be picked much closer to peak ripeness. Eating local foods also encourages us to eat seasonally. Eating locally-grown, seasonal produce maximizes the nutritional value of the foods we eat, whereas fruits and vegetables that have been sitting on trucks or in warehouses for an extended period can lose some of their anti-oxidants like vitamin C and folate. Not only that, but you are promoting a safer food supply. The fewer the number of steps between you and your food, the lower the chances of food contamination.

It is good for the environment. Buying locally sourced foods also decreases your carbon footprint. These foods need to be transported over shorter distances which means that less fuel and other resources are used to get the food to you, helping to decrease your carbon footprint and improve the health of the planet.

You support our local economy. By eating locally, you are keeping your shopping dollars here. You are supporting local farmers and business owners are raising their families here in the Delaware Valley. The CO-OP supports over 100 local vendors, many of whom visit the CO-OP to demo their products. We have developed personal relationships with these companies, and we are happy to help support these members of our community.