New Norms at your Co-op—A playbook for coming back into the store

A lot has changed since March and we wanted to help people get reacquainted with how to shop the store. Below are some things you can expect to encounter that we have done to help in the mitigation of COVID -19 and to protect you as a shopper as well as the staff.

  • The door on the corner of Dartmouth Ave. and Lincoln Way is closed.
    • Entrance to and exit from the store is only thru the doors on Lincoln Way.
  • Hand washing and sanitizing stations are recommended to be used before entering and exiting the store.
    • Allow your hands to air dry and feel free to scrub the handles of the carts with the soapy water.
  • Grab a yellow card before coming in..
    • They are sanitized before going in the crate.
    • This allow us to limit the number of people in the store at any one time.
  • ALL customers must wear a mask.
    • unless under 2 or medical conditions do not allow.
  • We discourage the use of reusable bags at this point.
    • However, If bringing your own bags we ask that you bag your own groceries at the end.
  • If coming as a group, we ask that you limit your entrance to just 1 person.
  • 6ft social distancing tape reminders are on the floor.
    • Please respect the red tape between shoppers.. You may pass each other within the space.
  • Please be sure to speak loudly and clearly so your staff can better assist you
    • It’s hard hearing when we have our mouths covered, for some reason
  • Be understanding that there are still some out of stocks
    • Our team is feverishly looking for alternative products to fill the voids.
  • Place your orders at the deli and meat departments at the plexiglass stations on the top of the counters.
    • Please stay at the counter until your order is complete so we can properly ensure your order is accurate.
  • There are multiple hand sanitizing stations thru out the store.
  • We ask that you refrain from using the bathrooms.
    • Although we have contactless door handles on them now.
  • The Soup and coffee station have been eliminated as well as the community space inside the store.
  • Checking out
    • The checkout line has been moved  –follow the arrows…
      • It starts to form by the former coffee kiosk
    • We have temporarily eliminated the charge for paper bags.
    • Credit card readers at checkout
      • Minimum purchase requirements have been suspended on credit/debit transactions.
  • We now have tap and go technology at the card readers.
  • Allow our cashiers to tap on the buttons for you the credit card readers.
  • No signature required to complete the transactions.
  • Leave your yellow card and handbasket with the cashier to be sanitized
  • Return your cart to the corral and wash your hands again
  • Voluntary tracing program
    • Visit our website or scan the QR code on the signs in the store for additional details
  • Tell a friend about the changes and the safety steps we have implemented to keep everyone safe.
  • Online ordering and Personal shopping occurs before opening on Tuesday / Thursday and Saturday. Check out the website for details.

Current Store Hours:

  • Sunday 10-6
  • Monday 10-7
  • Tuesday 12-7 * opening subject to change based on personal shopping completion
  • Wednesday 9-7* 9-10 for seniors and immune compromised customers
  • Thursday 12-7*  opening subject to change based on personal shopping completion
  • Friday 10-7
  • Saturday 12-7*  opening subject to change based on personal shopping completion

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