COVID-19 Contact Tracing Log

Venturing out for the 1st time in months? Worried about who you may run into?

Fear not .. We are now offering a volunteer contact tracing program.

Simply submit the form below as close to the time of your visit the better (before/during/immediately after) for recording purposes. The system will create a time and date stamp of you logging into the webpage.

This webpage has been created internally and no data is shared or used other than for its intent to contact you directly if there was to be a possible exposure to a reported case of COVID-19 at the store by either a staff member or by someone visiting the store.

Again, this is completely volunteer process and not a requirement to shop. We are just working to provide another layer of protection for our shoppers who may be concerned about social interactions given the current conditions with living during the pandemic.

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.
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